Apple and Volkswagen are in talks on bringing the in-car solution to Volkswagen models by 2016 – one of the manufactures which didn’t partner with Apple first.

An official announcement from both Volkswagen and Apple is to be expected within a few months, details on which models will be compatible is unknown. 9to5Mac report that the system will be available for 2016 models not next years 2015 versions. Volkswagen did join Apple very early when they were integrating iPods into cars a few years back, it’s strange to not see them take up this solution first.

CarPlay was launched earlier in the year with iOS 7.1 and this brought new models, some future models and third party solutions.

9to5Mac also report that a future update for CarPlay and iOS is imminent so that the system will work wirelessly – rather than relying on the Lighting cable. How that will work, we are unsure.

Would this effect the make and model of car you could get if CarPlay was available?