We go over the five top stories from A&T Tech, so relax and catch up on the week of tech news.

LG G Watch R now on sale in the UK

The second Android Wear watch to come out of LG this year is now available in the UK on Amazon for £225.

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Dropbox and Microsoft have partnered to make Office more productive for cloud users

Dropbox announced this week that they are helping Microsoft to bring better cloud integration into its Office apps on the web, mobile and desktops.

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Phone signal ‘black spots’ could be a thing of the past

The UK Government are forcing the top four mobile phone carriers to work together to bring better phone signal to UK phone users.

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iPhone 6 to arrive in Brazil, Colombia and Philippines and more on November 14th.

This week, Microsoft unveiled their attempt at the wearable and fitness market with their ‘Microsoft Band’.

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More banks are to accept Apple Pay this year

Banks in the US such as Capital One, Chase, Bank of America and more have announced that they will be supporting Apple’s new payment service later this year.

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