Apple’s cheapest iPod, the now nearly five year old iPod Shuffle is having stock issues, recently the supply of it has dwindled in both Apple’s retail store and the online store.

Apple has also warned its retail employees that the supplies of the iPod shuffle will be a bit low for an unspecified amount of time, so customers who are looking to purchase an iPod shuffle will have to buy it from the Apple Online Store. But in visiting the Online Store, the iPod shuffle is down to ship “ within 7-10 business days” – which previously it was at 24 hours.

What the direct cause of the stock to be less is unknown, but some sources have suggested that it could be a shortage of the components needed and that the production may improve soon. Or on the other hand, Apple may be getting ready to discontinue the iPod shuffle, just like the iPod Classic last September. Although quite a few people use the iPod shuffle for music whilst running and thanks to the low price, it makes a good entry level device for younger kids as their first MP3 player.