The electric car company, Tesla has become a bi word for electric vehicles and now they are delving into the world of battery power for homes. We rely on electricity all the time so Tesla’s new Powerwall is looking to provide and elegant solution for when the power does go off in outages and heat waves.

Powerwall uses the same long-lasting technology which is used in the Model S and other Tesla models. Powerful is a home battery system which can power a home for a few hours if the power goes off. Powewall uses lithium-ion batteries, like the ones in your phone.

Tesla has been testing the new system with a few select customers for a year now and Powerwall uses the internet to optimise power usage.

Powerwall is already up for pre-order on the Tesla website. There is two different models available; one is 10kWh and will be offered to installers for $3,500 and other 7kWh model which will be $3,000.

In terms of what these can power, Tesla has explained this and the larger 10kWh version has the ability to power a house if the main power goes off and the 7kWh is aimed at people with solar panels on their house.