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Today, the first software update for the Apple Watch launched, bringing a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. The Apple Watch initially went on sale on April 24 shipping with version 1.0 of Watch OS.

The update is handled through the Apple Watch app which is pre-installed on iPhone. You can update by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Version 1.0.1 brings some much needed performance improvements for Siri, measuring stand activity, calculating calories for indoor cycling and rowing workouts, distance and pace during outdoor walk and run workouts, accessibility and third-party apps. A number of users have complained that the “Hey Siri” function isn’t always reliable, so hopefully this fixes this. Also in the update are the new emojis as in iOS 8.3 as well as new languages. Brazilian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Thai and Turkish are all now supported.