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Instagram used to be a list for a small collection of friends which adopted the new social network not long ago, but now everyone seems to be using it, so checking in on it is a bit overwhelming, this endless list of photos of people’s coffee, pets and holidays is becoming a bit too much.

To bring some users back, Instagram is sending out emails which aim to show you the best photos that you may have missed. The “Highlights” email will help you see the photos that you haven’t seen, but it does have an actual use as you’ll spend less time going through all photos.

This concept isn’t new, Facebook and Twitter have been doing something similar for a while now, but this move is showing that Instagram isn’t slowing is uses, with 300 million active users the snappy social network isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The popularity is partly to do with teens using Facebook less as their Parents and Grandparents are cramping their style.

Users will start seeing the emails soon.