The Beats Pill XL was originally launched in November 2013, before Apple even acquired the company for $3 billion early last year. Today it has been revealed that the Beats Pill XL has overheating issues and it has caused a few users problems. So Apple has announced a voluntary recall of the speaker and is recommending that users don’t use it at all. In a press release, Apple has said;

“Apple has determined that, in rare cases the battery in the Beats Pill XL may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.” – Apple Press release

So far Apple has only had eight reports of the speaker overheating, but one user has said to have had burns from the device. Overall, 222,000 of the speakers have been affected in the United States and 11,000 in Canada.

“Apple has received eight reports of incidents of the speaker overheating, including one with a burn to a consumer’s finger and one with dame to a consumer’ desk,” reported the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in a statement.

Customers who have purchased the speaker and have submitted the form on the Apple website about the recall will receive Apple Store credit or electronic payment of $325, even though the original price was $299.99 / £269.95. Beats Pill XL owners can visit the Apple website to fill out a form and then the company will send you a box to return the speaker, then the refund will arrive within three weeks.

Rear of the speaker
Rear of the speaker

Apple has also said that the Pill XL is the only product which has this issue, the smaller Pill doesn’t have any issues.