So the next World Wide Developers conference from Apple is hours away, we will be running a liveblog of the event. But what is Apple expected to unveil?

iOS 9

The next iOS version is expected to be launched at the event, but we won’t get it on phones until September. It has long been rumoured that this release is going to be similar to Snow Leopard, which abandoned headline features for streamlining and bug fixes. A new font is also likely to be used, Apple may use the Apple Watch font; San Francisco.


Also, a new feature akin to Google Now called “Proactive” could be unveiled, it will serve as the home for important information from maps, apps and contacts to give useful information at the right time. iOS 8 already can let you know when to leave for a meeting in current traffic but setting that up is a bit manual, so iOS 9 may bring some automaton to the table.

iOS 9 may support older devices such as the iPhone 4s with a dedicated version which is optimised for the hardware.


HomeKit was originally unveiled at last years WWDC, but it was delayed until earlier this year. HomeKit compatible devices are now on sale, so we might see some updates about what Apple has planned for the home.



A new app in iOS 9 may be unveiled named, “Home” which will be a central control place for all the smart home devices in the home, without having to use multiple apps.

OS X 10.11 and Macs


We do know that Apple will be showing off the next version of OS X, but like iOS 9 it won’t be feature rich, instead the company will be focusing on bug fixes and refining the OS. But one or two things such as Control Centre and some security enhancements with a new feature called “Rootless” which will prevent any user form accessing the system files.

We might not see any hardware at WWDC, as back in March the new MacBook was unveiled as well as the new MacBook Pro 13-inch with Force Touch. In May, the new MacBook Pro 15-inch was released and the 5K iMac had a price drop.



Its possible that WWDC will be about the Apple Watch in some shape or form. The wearable may be able to run apps by it’s self as currently, the apps are being tethered from iPhone.


Beats Music is expected to get a revamp at WWDC, the Music app on the iPhone will be home to Beats Music and purchased music, the new streaming service is expected to be $10 a month, as with Spotify.


With iOS 7, Eddie Cue unveiled iTunes Radio, but no news has been revealed as to what will happen to that service.

Apple TV


We already know that Apple isn’t going to be updated, earlier reports had suggested that a new Apple TV box and a new TV service may updated at the developer conference.