The product line from Dropcam has been looking a bit quiet for a while now after Nest bought the company, but now Nest is looking into making its own home camera system.  This week Droid-Life has shared news on to what the company may be working on, named ‘Nest Cam’ – The camera looks very similar to any of the cameras which has been made by Dropcam in the past. Nest is also due to hold a press event on June 17th, so we might see this new camera at the event.

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The camera has one up on Dropcam cameras as it now supports 1080p video as well as Bluetooth pairing, like every other smart-home device on the market. Nest has also completely revamped its app, maybe with some help from Google it now has a fresh and modern interface and more importantly, the ability to support other devices; like cameras. We should find out more information at the event in a few days, but if anything will happen to Dropcam, we will just have to wait and see.