Its official. The next generation of Forza Motorsport is arriving on September 15th this year. The next big game from Microsoft is going to be a big step up from Forza 5, with driving in the rain and night as well as tracks in over 26 world-famous locations. The headline car with Forza 5 was the McLaren P1, with the sixth game the Ford GT takes the stage. The latest Ford will also be at the Le Mans next year for a huge return. The game also has 1080p and 60fps, 24 car multiplayer and over 450 cars in ForzaVista.

Forza Motorsport 6 was previewed at the Detroit Motor Show a few months back, but now we are seeing the first trailer for the upcoming game. Pre-orders start now with the game launching September 15th 2015 on Xbox One.