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The two words Top Gear must have been mentioned so much over the past few months; the initial news go the fracas with the show’s producer back in March, the possibility of the show coming to Netflix and any other news in between. But now, the last episode of Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson will be shown on June 28th on BBC 2. The episode is to be a special episode, no studio time just a 75-minute one episode made up of previously unshorn footage from the current/unfinished series.

The challenge is to buy a car for £250 which is suitable for living a life of leisure, in the embedded trailer May, Hammond and Clarkson are shown wearing tuxedos and driving 4×4 trucks, with a lot of destruction, mud and shouting. Yep, it’s proper Top Gear.

It is still very much unknown what will happen to Top Gear, whether or not the BBC will relaunch the show or Netflix will take up the show.