Back in February, Sky unveiled that they are planning to release a “next generation NOW TV box” this year in an investor meeting, by accident. Now, Sky has revealed some more information regarding the new box as well as a new plan for Sky Sports. The new box will launch later this year in August with an ethernet port, which should make connections more reliable as network drop-outs ruin the binge watching session. To also help speed things up, Sky have added a new “five times faster processor.”

The new box is based on the Roku 3 player, which is the same as the “Sky Online TV Box” that’s on the market in Germany, so at least it will have 1080p video which brings it in line with the Apple TV. With Sky Sports, a new monthly plan is planned which will allow users to watch all sports every week for £31.99 per month. However the weekly and daily plans are to be kept. The Month Pass will be on offer before the start of the new football season in August.

Sky Online TV Box
Sky Online TV Box, on sale in Germany

The new set-top box will be launching this August for £14.99 with a brand new interface which will be available as a software update, however not many details have been released as to what has been changed, just that Sky has made “it even quicker and easier for customers to get the channels and content they want.”