Last week we reported that Droid-Life leaked further detail on to what Nest may be working on. Now Nest at its press event showed of the Nest Cam. Heavily based on what Dropcam had be making the Nest Cam is the company’s first move into home security.

In many ways the Nest Cam is very similar to the past offerings from Dropcam with the ability to record video and store it in the cloud as well as live viewing.

So far we know that the Nest Cam has a 1080p sensor vs the 720p sensor in the Dropcam, it also features a built in tripod mount. The base is most interesting, besides getting a slimmer redesign, it also houses magnets so the camera can be easily mounted to a fridge or magnetic whiteboard for quick placement. Nest are still planning to use the existing cloud-based DVR system for recording video that needs to be saved, but this seems to be the only option for recording video, which the storage plans are quite pricey, plans are from $100 to $300 a year. To view the footage, the existing Nest app is used and is available for iOS and Android, the camera is also managed through the app.

Tying the devices together

Where the Nest Cam becomes even more useful is when it is tied to other Nest devices in the home. As soon as another devices is added, the system automatically configures the devices to work with one another. For example when you set the Nest Thermostat to Away, the Nest Cam will come on, come home and the Cam will switch off. The camera also works with Nest Protect, the smoke alarm system. For example if Nest Protect detects smoke, Nest Cam will start record a clip to let you know what happened.

The Nest Cam will start shipping next week for $199 in the US. In the UK its marked as “coming soon.”