Nokia is looking at a comeback to the phone market, but recently the company sold themselves to Microsoft and subsequently all the models have been branded as ‘Microsoft Lumia’ as opposed to Nokia Lumia as it was once. But Nokia CEO has come out and said that:

“We will look for suitable partners, Microsoft makes mobile phones. We would simply design them and then make the brand name available to licence.

As Microsoft has acquired the firm, Nokia can’t use the brand on any phone until Q4 2016 and the plan is to partner with a manufacturer to make the phone and Nokia will design it and supply the branding. Google does a similar deal with the Nexus line of devices, with the Nexus 6 Motorola make the phone and Google design it and supply the branding. LG and HTC have also done a similar deal as well.

In the same week, it was revealed that former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was let go by Microsoft. The mobile devices section of Microsoft is now managed by Terry Myerson.