Apple has now backed down on its original plans to not pay any royalties to artist, thanks to an open letter from singer, Taylor Swift. In a matter of hours after the letter was sent, Apple revealed that they will indeed be paying artists for music played during a users three month free trial.

Following the letter, Eddy Cue reached out to Swift, who at the time was doing a tour to let her know the news that they had rethought the details for Apple Music. Cue said that royalties will be paid “even during the customers free trial period.” Following the news Eddy Cue spoke to Recode abbey the letter for Swift. He said that other indie artists, along with Swift pushed Apple to make a change. Eddy spoke with Tim Cook as to what should happen, so Cue let Swift know personally.

If Apple is making it so Apple Music will eventually take down Spotify, they needed to make sure that they have Taylor Swift as she isn’t on Spotify and pay better rates for the artists, as there are plenty of other artists who don’t like the streaming services.

Apple Music is launching on June 30 on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, PC and Android.