After a light outrage on Twitter following the release of Apple Music on iOS 8.4 as well as OS X 10.10.4 – the iTunes 12.2 update for Mac and Windows which was supposed to include access to Apple Music and Beats 1, but didn’t show until six hours later. But now the desktop client has been updated. iTunes 12.2 includes a new icon, which is very different to the one originally previewed on Apple’s website for OS X El Capitan but is more similar to the icon on iOS 8.4.


On iTunes 12.2 the tabs in the Music section now have “My Music, Playlists, For You, Radio Connect and iTunes Store”

On iOS and iTunes Apple Music has a number of tabs which allow the user to easily interact with the content. The “For You” tab is where all of the music is that is based on your tastes and artists that you like. The “New” tab shows off the new music that is hot right now as well as indie artists. The Radio tab is where Beats 1 lives and Apple Radio, which replaces iTunes Radio. Finally the connect tab is where you can follow artists such as Phrasal Williams and more to view sound clips, videos and photos.


iTunes 12.2 is available now for Mac and Windows. To update go to the Mac App Store or Apple Software Update on Windows.