The latest model of the solid-state drives (SSDs) from Samsung now goes up to a whopping 2TB with the new 850 Evo and 850 Pro. Currently these models are only available in desktop versions, but Samsung has confirmed that laptop versions will be coming soon. Samsung has long been making 1TB versions of these drives (over a year in fact) but these upgrades aren’t just an iterative change, Samsung has added a lot of new technology into these new drives.

The 850 Evo and 850 Pro both have Samsung’s latest 3D vertical flash memory which uses a more efficient way to layout the chips. Previously chips are laid out flat, 2D but with the new 3D layout all of the chips are stacked to fit more storage in a smaller drive.

This new storage option is making the gap bettered Hard Drives and SSDs ever so smaller, but as with flash memory the price is quite large. The Samsung 850 Evo may have a price of $800 and the 850 Pro might be $1,000.