Don’t get me wrong, Windows Phone is a very good platform with great Xbox and Office integration and with better apps coming all the time, but that’s something that is a huge problem with getting customers on board with the device. Apps. Despite the hardware being very good with the funky orange and green hues it has promise, but hardly any consumer interest. Personally I use a large amount of Google apps on my iPhone such as AdSense for A&T Tech and the YouTube Creator Studio – none of these and the others that I rely on are on the platform. So Windows Phone could be my daily driver, with the new integration with Windows 10 but the apps aren’t there.

Just recently, Microsoft cut 7,800 jobs in the phone side of the business, but Satyna Nadella insisted that it want giving up on it.

Windows 10

We have covered Windows 10 at lot on this site and it is going to be a huge hit come July 29 but Windows Phone needs more than just Office and a few more apps, it needs developers actually interested in the platform to make any decent contributions to the platform – but they will only develop for it if it has more market share, but for it to have that it needs more apps. Vicious circle.

Again – don’t get me wrong Windows 10 Mobile does bring some interesting and useful features with it such as Cortana, it is one of the best features on Windows Phone, with awesome reminder features and witty comebacks but the fact that it is coming to iOS and Android some time soon – this isn’t really exclusive anymore.

Overall, Microsoft is trying with the platform. Since 2011 when it was introduced, it as only climbed to 3% marker share – but until it has decent apps I don’t think it will even be an option for most people.