The Apple Watch will soon be coming to more countries at the end of this month as the company has announced that the smartwatch will be on sale in New Zealand, Russia and Turkey on July 31 after 7:01am local time.

In New Zealand the Apple Watch will start at the following prices;

New Zealand

  • Apple Watch Sport – NZ $599 to NZ $699
  • Apple Watch – NZ $949 to NZ $1,949
  • Apple Watch Edition – NZ £17.500 to NZ $30,000


  • Apple Watch Sport – 23,990 RUB to 27,990 RUB
  • Apple Watch – 37,990 RUB to 78,990 RUB
  • Apple Watch Edition – 660,000 RUB to 1,120,000 RUB


  • Apple Watch Sport – 1,1249 TRY to 1,399 TRY
  • Apple Watch – 1,999 TRY to 3,899 TRY
  • Apple Watch Edition – 34,000 TRY to 56,000 TRY

So far, the Apple Watch is now on sale in twenty countries including United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Chine, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Thailand and more.

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The Apple Watch was introduced back in September 2014 and then went on sale earlier this year in April. It has features for answering to notifications, responding to text messages, answering phone calls, using apps and more.