amazon offer 2-970-80

Amazon for one day only is offering £10 off any order that is over £50. So if Prime Day wasn’t up to scratch for you, this should be good. The offer is only available in the UK and it is only on for one day. This deal is to celebrate being named the top retailer in the UK, a survey was performed with 20,000 by Havas to determine the best retail brand in the UK.

Amazon was voted at the top of the list in the UK, with 64% of people filling in the survey saying that they would care if the brand disappeared.

“We are grateful to customers for ranking Amazon #1 across Britain’s retailers. You can count on us to continue working hard to set ever-higher standards for customer experience.” – Christopher North, Amazon UK Managing Director.

If you use the code “BIGTHANKS” on checkout to claim the discount.

The top 10 brands are below:

  1. Amazon
  2. Marks & Spencer
  3. John Lewis
  4. Aldi
  5. Sainsbury’s
  6. Boots
  7. Lidl
  8. ASDA
  9. Tesco
  10. Morrisons

Everything on Amazon today will have 20% knocked off the price and the promotion ends tonight and the discount can only be used once for one person, so people can’t keep buying stuff with that discount.