The UK are now using smartphones more than laptops and desktops to browse the internet. Since last year usage of smartphones has grown for people using their phone for web browsing. The average amount of time a day someone spends using their phone primarily for web browsing is one hour and 54 minutes a day.

66% of all UK adults now own a smartphone

Ofcom conducted a study to determine how many people in the UK own a smartphone and how important it is. Ofcom found that 66% of UK adults now own a smartphone which is up considerably from 2012 when 39% of adults owned a smartphone. Laptops have seen a turn for the worst with 30$ of people preferring using a laptop for web browsing. Users also spend nearly an hour less using laptops than smartphones for web browsing.

Mostly the smartphone market is saturated for young people as 90% of 16-24 year olds own a smartphone but also the older generation has seen a grow in smartphone adoption with 50% of 55-64 year olds now owning a smartphone which has grown from 19% in 2012.