Game streaming services are a odd thing, Sony has dabbled with the idea by launching PlayStation Now but it hasn’t seemed to catch on. After launching on the Amazon Fire TV, GameFly is described as the “Netflix of Games” but it has various bundles instead of one flat fee – the games are ok with Batman: Arkham Origins and Dirt 3 to name a few.

Now the service is available on Samsung smart TVs in the US, Canada and a few markets in Europe, which means you can play hit games right on your TV by using a Logitech F310, F710 or a Xbox wires controller.

“Samsung’s global reach is a great way to bring GameFly Streaming to consumers across the globe,” GameFly CEO David Hodess said in a statement.

As mentioned above, the pricing is a bit unconventional with various bundles for different games. Plans start at $7 per month which offers seven games to play and for $10 per month you get the “gamer pack” which offers sixteen games.