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Ok, we have known about this with a few rumours over the past year but now Google has officially announced that Android Wear is now fully compatible with iPhone, now this isn’t as good as using the Apple Watch but it allows you to track fitness and look at notifications. But this is a very important for the entire smartwatch market as this makes them more popular as still, not many people are buying them. Users are still holding out to see if it is popular or not and like the computer industry, the smartphone and tablet market – competition is good and that is what makes that market popular.

But pairing an Android Wear watch to an iPhone does have draw backs in the compatibility area rather than using a Apple Watch. For one it won’t let you answer phone calls actually on the watch, where the Apple Watch will. There are actually quite a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect it could do that it can.


Android Wear on iOS is very capable; For example it can tap into Google Now with cards and voice questions. Google Fit is accessible for fitness tracking and any notifications are mirrored from the iPhone to the watch.

But if you have an iPhone, I can’t see why you wouldn’t get an Apple Watch.

But using Andorid Wear with iOS seems very feature rich and capable, but it wouldn’t make sense to get a Android Wear watch if you have an iPhone. For example you text everyone using iMessage – this doesnt work on Android Wear, yes the notification comes through but you can’t answer it which leads me to say, if you have an iPhone, I can’t see why you wouldn’t get an Apple Watch – Apart from the price and maybe the choice. I’ll explain.

More choice, also it’s cheaper

See, with Android Wear there is more than one watch to choose from, yes Apple has three different models but they are basically the same. Android have the LG Watch Urbane and other models coming soon. Also the Apple Watch is a hard sell for some people has the smartwatch market is very new and a lot of people don’t actually understand why they would need one, the Apple Watch starts at £299 for the Sport model whereas many Android watches are £159 to £259.

One model, for now.

Only one model is compatible at the moment, the LG Watch Urbane
Only one model is compatible at the moment, the LG Watch Urbane

So this week, Google is making one model of a Android Wear compatible to start with, the LG Watch Urbane but any newer models will be instantly compatible including the future watches from Asus, Huawei and Motorola. Like the Apple Watch it requires the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or later.