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So Apple has just announced the new iPhone and as usual with the S models it looks exactly the same as the previous model, but as Tim mentioned it looks the same, but it’s very different with new features such as 3D Touch, Live Photos and more. What is actually new in the iPhone 6s? Well it may not look any different but it’s manufactured out of the same aluminium as the Apple Watch, the new 7000 series. Also Apple has effectively brought Force Touch from the Apple Watch to the iPhone with 3D Touch which when you press on the screen it opens up shortcuts in apps such as Mail as well as app icons like the Camera app and the Phone app.

Power and Camera

Inside the iPhone 6s is the brand new A9 chip which is still 64-bit and is amazingly, 70 % faster at CPU tasks and 90% faster at GPU tasks. The A9 chip also houses the M9 chip which is now embedded in the main chip and is always on, enabling Hey Siri without the need to be plugged in.

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The camera has also seen a massive upgrade with now 12MP as opposed to 8MP previously. Also the lens can let in 50% more light. The camera team at Apple has also done some interesting work with the photons and avoiding light bleed. The video camera on the iPhone 6s can now record at 4K which Apple demoed on stage. The front facing camera has also seen a huge boost from 1.3MP now to 5MP, also the display will act as a flash.

3D Touch

The main feature of the iPhone 6s is 3D Touch, something based on Force Touch from the Apple Watch and it can detect pressure and this means that you can access not new features, but shortcuts to existing ones. There are quite a few ways it can be used from the home screen, the lock screen and within apps such as Instagram.

On the home screen, a light tap on a app icon lets you open a small menu – almost like right clicking. This works as the display has sensors inside it to detect pressure and it allows you to peek at information and go into it if needed and if not it’s quick and easy to jump back into the previous app. Third party apps such as Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram and WeChat are already supporting it. Another interesting use case is in games, where 3D Touch can be used to zoom.

Pricing and availability

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are prices exactly the same as the iPhone 6 was starting at $199 for a iPhone 6s 16GB on contract, 64GB and 128GB at $299 and $399. In the UK the iPhone 6s is £539 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB at £619 and £699. The larger iPhone 6s Plus starts at £619 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB at £699 and £719. Both phones come in Gold, Silver, Space Grey and a new fourth option, Rose Gold.

Pre-orders start Saturday September 12th with the phone being available on September 25th.

Also in the United States, Apple has unveiled the iPhone Upgrade Program which we have covered more in depth, but it effectively allows you to get a new unlocked iPhone every year and the plans start at $32 per month.

Rose Gold iPhone 6
Rose Gold iPhone 6