HP is actually working on splitting itself into two different companies; Hewlett Parkard Enterprise and HP. Today the company has announced that in order to do this it will be laying off between 25,000 and 30,000 employees. HP is hoping that this downtime will bring HP back into interest – it’s well known that the PC isn’t as popular as it once was and Microsoft is trying hard with Windows 10 to make the PC relevant again and with the recent download numbers it certainly shows that people are digging the new OS, or they just don’t like Windows 8. PC sales have been hit hard, but on the flip side Mac sales have risen.

HP is actually splitting into two separate companies, one which will focus heavily on home equipment such as home PCs, tablets and printers. The other company which will be called Hewlett Parkard Enterprise will develop software solutions and provide hardware for corporate environments. The company is also certain that HPE will earn $50 billion a year in revenue.