Windows 8.1 RT was an odd beast when it launched with the Surface RT in 2012, it never did much and users couldn’t download anything from the web, only the limited Windows Store, which still doesn’t have all the apps you need. It was launched to compete with the iPad – having an app store and near the end of its shelf life it was undercutting Apple’s offering. But with an iPad you can’t download anything from the web, well you don’t need to as a lot of the apps on it are worth bothering with and now with iOS 9, the iPad is worth using for productivity.

Since the launch of Windows 10, Windows RT 8,1 has had no love and no promised update, simply because maybe the hardware can’t handle it or Microsoft just want you to buy a new Surface. Well around the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft did reveal that a small update would come to the Surface RT devices and now it has been released and it brings the start menu from Windows 10, but it isn’t exactly the same. The settings option isn’t there and the power button is in the top right.

Update KB3033055 is out now.