On Friday, Microsoft and the rest of the Windows Insider Team announced a new build of Windows 10, 10547 almost a month after the previous version. The last build fixed a few bugs but also a new design for the right click option and mostly design changes. This new build actually makes some significant changes for the usability as well as a few design tweaks to the start menu and the bundled apps.

Start with more

One thing that Microsoft have now added is more space on the start menu for more tiles, a new option in Settings lets you enable “Show more tiles” which brings in a forth column which lets you see more, this also enables the ability to have two wide tiles side by side. This can be enabled by going to Settings > Personalisation > Start > enable “Show more tiles”

Also the start menu now supports up to 2048 tiles as opposed to 512.

App updates

The built in apps for Windows 10 have also seen some notable updates, the Mail app now has the option to disable the contestation view and the Photos app now has additional folders for OneDrive and locally stored pictures. The Xbox app has also seen a big improvement with a new preview program.

Known issues

As this is beta software, it’s understandable to have bits of the OS that dont work, such as apps from the Store might not update automatically.