In the UK, buying a mobile phone is a bit different to getting one in the US, over the pond all the major carriers have been working on removing subsidised phones which means the retail cost may be more apparent to customers. At the iPhone 6s earlier this month on September 9, Apple revealed its plan to help you get an unlocked iPhone every year with AppleCare+. The iPhone Upgrade Plan allows you to get a unlocked iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus from Apple starting at $32 per month, while also getting a new one every year, that monthly cost also includes AppleCare+ to help protect your device against accidental damage.

Now after Apple has introduced this new plan, Samsung is looking to replicate it with its own version, according to Forbes. Samsung is supposedly launching it’s own leasing phone plan in the next few months and without any shadow of a doubt, this has been pushed by the launch of the iPhone Upgrade Program.

Apple’s plan starts at $32.41 per month for the 16GB, iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s

  • 16GB – $32.41/month
  • 64GB – $36.58/month
  • 128GB – $40.75/month

iPhone 6 Plus

  • 16GB – $36.58/month
  • 64GB – $40.75/month
  • 128GB – $44.91/month