As we reported last week, the next big version of Office is now available to download and this release feels like Office 2013, but cleaned up and designed for Windows 10 in mind. The number one feature that Microsoft has highlighted is collaboration, Office 2016 enable teamwork in a few ways.

Working together

In Office 2016, Microsoft has introduced real time editing, similar to Google Docs and in fact Office Online, but this is the first time it has moved to Office on the desktop. Also OneDrive is now integrated into Outlook, so you can attach files easily. Microsoft is also striving to be your solution for work communication with the addition of Skype chat into Office.

If you have used Google Docs, then the co-authoring feature shouldn’t be new to you, it works in basically the same way with real time edits and even the curser location.


It’s no question that Outlook is probably the most used Email client, also it’s probably the most used app of the Office suite. Microsoft has added the most features to this release. In Outlook 2016 Microsoft have added the new collaboration features from the rest of the Office suite as well as the OneDrive integration. Also a new smart feature called Clutter learns which messages you read and which ones you don’t bother with and then moves it into a folder.

Task Manager

A brand new app that Microsoft has introduced with Office 2016 is Planner, similar to Asana or other apps. This is a browser based application with manages tasks and puts deadlines in to help people get jobs done.


Existing Office 365 subscribers can download the new version of Office, which is priced at $7/£6 per month or $70/£60 per year for the Personal version.

Microsoft have provided upgrade instructions.

Upgrade Home or Personal Office 365

Upgrade Business Office 365