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This week, Tesla has launched the brand new Model X SUV which is the company’s next big move in the electric car arena. Earlier in the week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the new car in California. The Tesla Model X is four wheel drive and like the Model S, all electric. Tesla is marketing this as a pure family vehicle, so with seven seats it surely fits the bill, it also has ‘falcon wing’ rear doors which are pictured in the gallery. The Model X is the third car that Musk has put on the market with the Tesla Roadster, (which was discounted in 2012) Trdla Model S and now the family focused Model X. In terms of milage, the Model X has a much larger battery than the Model S which has a range of 253-270 miles whereas the new Model X does 250-257 miles, so there isn’t much in it.

If you want a Model X, you can expect delivery in around a year but some customers have already received theirs. In the UK the Model X is around £50,000 to £90,000 and in the US; from $70,000 to $132,000. That aside, the price is still a bit hard to guess hence the wide range, if you;re willing to wait it is $71,000 but if you are willing to shell out for the early adopter Signature Edition