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GoPro cameras have long been a bit on the pricey side and also they never had WiFi. But now the company has a new Hero+ camera on the market which is not only less expensive then the current models, but also features WiFi and Bluetooth which allows you to control the camera with your phone plus easily move your videos around. GoPro also has an app out which allows you to use the remote feature.

The Hero+ features 1080p video and 60fps and the still camera is now upgraded from 5MP to 8MP. Most of the other GoPro models are priced around $399.99 to $499.99 so this may appeal to younger markets purely from a price standpoint.

The new Hero+ costs £170 ($200) and is available now. There is also two different models one with WiFi and Bluetooth for $200 and the Hero+LCD which has the advanced camera and 5 photo per second mode.

Grab the Hero+ for £149.99 on Amazon