For infotainment systems in cars, you’re no spoilt for choice, but that also isn’t a good thing. BMW have their own iDrive system, which isn’t that great and Ford have Sync which is average and so does every car manufacturer, they all have their own systems which work in different ways. But just recently, Apple and Google launched their own systems which work with the iPhone and any Android Phone respectively. CarPlay is offered with big name car companies, including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Jaguar.

One partner is Porsche, but they will only be offering CarPlay, not Android Auto, according to a report from Motor Trend. That is because Porsche think that Apple’s system is a lot better than Google’s because Google asks for way too much data about the car. Android Auto is capable of tracking the speed, throttle position, fluid temperature, engine revs and all the data is sent straight back to Google, whereas CarPlay only checks if the car is moving or not.

Google has also denied the information in the report by Motor Trend.