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Google’s translator app has now been updated to support the new Split View multitasking view on iOS 9 which works with the iPad Air 2, the brand new iPad mini 4 and the iPad Pro. This addition will be very useful for people doing translation work on a document for a foreign person or doing that french homework on your iPad. This also allows for copy and paste between Google Translate and other apps, which is handy.

The new version also supports more languages for the camera translation feature, this can now be used with German, English, Arabic and more. Google Translate now supports 90 languages and the camera can now translate 26 languages.

Google Translate Change Log

  • Split View support for easy copy-pasting on iOS 9
  • Instant camera translation now available from German and English to Arabic
  • Improved rendering for several writing systems
  • Support for Myanmar (Burmese) handwriting input
  • Several bug fixes and usability improvements