The initial growth for Windows 10 has been huge, just since July 132 million computers have been upgraded for free to Microsoft’s latest OS. But after just three months the adoption rate has been slowing down since the launch three months ago. This information has come from a report published today by Net Applications which also states that Windows 10 has a user share of 7.9% – which in October alone it grew 1.3%. The user share works out a percentage of computers worldwide which is running Windows 10.

A website called StatCounter has worked out that the adoption for Windows 10 has slowed over the past month or so, StatCounter has showed that the usage share of Windows 10 has decreased. The usage share works out the activity for the OS using web views. Despite all this data, being free has probably had an influence and partly because it’s actually pretty good but Windows 10 has and is continuing to grow much faster that Windows 7 did back in 2009. Windows 7 until now had the record of the fastest adopted operating system, it gained a market share if 8.2% in the third month.

Microsoft is planning on getting 1 billion devices running Windows 10 by summer 2018 and in just three months it’s 13.2% of the way there.

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Source: Net Applications, StatCounter