Earlier this year, HP announced that they are planning on splitting the company into two: HP, Inc and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The split happened yesterday on November 1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise will be focusing, well on products and services for enterprise and HP Inc., will be making the laptops and desktops the company has been known for.

Consumer HP

HP Inc., as said will be focusing on products and services that are focused towards the consumer such as laptops, printers, desktops and tablets. The company will be run my Dion Weisler who used to be in the Printing department at HP, growing the company will be a big task but they will be focusing on the price, growth and innovation.

Enterprise HP

So the other company which has now been formed, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It’s mostly unknown what the company will be focusing on, but it’ll be products and services for large comp nays and enterprise environments. So I guess servers, large printers and cloud services. HP Enterprise will be lead by Meg Whitman and she is planning on turning around the cloud efforts for HP in the next five years.

“By transitioning now from one HP to two new companies, created out of our successful turnaround efforts, we will be in an even better position to compete in the market, support our customers and partners, and deliver maximum value to our shareholders,” she said earlier this year.

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