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The brand new Toyota Prius for 2016 is now on sale, the company revealed the new hybrid earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show – along with the pricing and full details. The forth generation model is slightly more expensive than the last generation, with a price hike of £1,300 – which brings the price up to £23,295 but for that you do get more extras included such as DAB radio and keyless start.

Toyota have various editions of the new hybrid. The Business Edition starts at £24,195 which includes a wireless phone charger and 17-inch alloys. The top of the line Prius Excel is £27,450 and has leather seats and rain sensing wipers.

With this model, Toyota is moving into a more sophisticated base for the future models that the company is planning. Also a inherent focus, like most companies on fuel economy, this is more apparent with the new 2016 Prius as this has a brand new powertrain which uses a 1.8-litre petrol engine as well as a more advanced type of batteries.