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The new Apple TV has only been on sale for just over a month now and already, tvOS has over 2,600 native applications which can be downloaded, apps such as games, shopping apps, weather, panoramic views and ways to watch TV. Also surprisingly as this device is intended to be plugged into a TV to watch Netflix, Now TV and YouTube and in the US Hulu, HBO Now and ESPN and of course iTunes content – the most popular type of app is games, this isn’t as surprising if you think about it, Apple has been pushing this as a games console and it works very well as one with additions like iCloud save for games you can easily start on your iPhone and continue the level on the Apple TV.

I purchased the Apple TV on day one when it came out, it’s extremely useful and very fluid at everything it does, I find Apple Music to be the most used app as I like to play music through the stereo speakers and AirPlay is ok but it uses battery for music and now with tvOS 9.1 Siri now works to play music and search for artists.