One major bug bear with Apple’s Beats 1 that people have had is that the station manages to play a very erratic array of music, Beats 1 is a brilliant achievement, but listening to it is sometimes a but strange, a lot of the time you could be listening to something you like, then hip hop comes on then country music then something completely different. To be fair there is so much music out there and everyone likes different things and doing that with one channel is pretty difficult, Apple has worked around this by having different artists and celebrities in to host various shows all which have a unique feel to them but obviously Apple need to do something else to make sure that they are appeasing to everyones tastes.

The latest news from a French website Consomac has discovered a file for a trademark hinting towards Apple expanding from one Beats branded radio show to five with the possible addition of Beats 2, Beats 3, Beats 4 and Beats 5.


The trademark applications are under “Beats Electronics LLC” and is filed under the broadcasting and streaming categories hinting even further to what Apple is planning to do with the Beats brand.