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In the company’s biggest acquisition to date, worth $16.7 billion – Intel has just finished with the details on the purchase of Altera, who also makes chips, the idea being that this will help Intel make faster processors doubling the speed that we currently have which will help with data crushing in factual recognition and self driving cars. The Wall Street Journal explained why this makes a huge difference, the main point being that the chips made can now be programmed after they leave the factory and also Intel can keep meeting the demands of power from the big companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google, all of which use the Intel Xeon server range.

The original deal was announced back in May of this year and the ultimate plan is to sell Xeon chips and the FPGA from Altera into one package, bringing much better performance.

We’ll invent new products that make amazing experiences of the future possible – experiences like autonomous driving and machine learning,” Intel CEO Brian Krzanich added

The dual company chip using the Xeon and Altera technology won’t be around until 2017, according to WSJ.