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Verizon is offering customers from competing carriers such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile up to $650 to switch to it’s network. Naturally it’s not as simple as it seems, Verizon requires that you must stay with them for at least six months and you must trade in your old (working) phone. This promotion is similar to how other carriers have done it, buy a new device on a payment plan, trade in your old phone and then you’ll receive $650 on a pre-paid card.

This move from Verizon looks like the company is losing on to what they have, the company has always had the reliability of it’s network to win customers over and that doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. T-Mobile is pushing the envelope when it comes to be less like a carrier than ever and instead of competing on price like Sprint it offers music and video plans such ass Music Freedom which allow you to stream from Spotify and Apple Music without using any data.