Google Cast is very much becoming a standard within its own right, setting game to take on the long established AirPlay from Apple. The technology was originally unveiled back in CES 2015 where Google released their technology plans for Google Cast, not only letting you beam video and photos to a Chromecast which is native Android but also having a native system for playing music to wireless speakers in the home. Google have released a Chromecast Audio to allow older speaker systems to play music, but like AirPlay speaker manufactures can bake in the technology for a more unified experience.

This year, some of the main speaker companies are planning to adopt the technology in their speakers, so far Sony and LG have Google Cast devices but Bang & Olufsen, Harman and Kardon, Onkyo, Phillips and Pioneer are now on board. The pictured device, BeoPlay A9 will have a software update available to make it Google Cast compatible.