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Facebook Messenger is company’s almost separate service, because as of late the service is technically like a separate service as it doesn’t require a Facebook login anymore, only your phone number. But now the team has announced that Facebook Messenger now has over 800 million users actively using the service, back in June 2015 Messenger had around 700 million users.

Facebook Messenger really is acting like a separate service, with standalone apps and a dedicated web page at which feels like the iPhone app, adding to that familiarity for users.

The Messenger team’s mission is to make Messenger the best place to communicate with all the people and businesses in the world.” – Dave Marcus, head of messaging at Facebook.

Messenger has overcome a vast amount of changes recently, it’s now easier to send photos to friends, see if they’re online and now make video calls. Also now business owners can use Messenger to communicate with customers and visitors.