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We’ve been waiting a long time for the price of the Oculus Rift, in that time Facebook acquired the company behind it and it’s gone through a number of revisions. But this week at CES the price has been revealed for the Oculus Rift headset which will cost $599. For that you do get the headset as well as a Xbox One wireless controller. To even fully use the Oculus Rift, you do need a powerful gaming machine, but if you don’t happen to have one, the company is offering a bundle with the headset and a PC for $1,599.

Facebook and Oculus have been testing the VR headset for months now, but on Wednesday the company released the details, price at CES on Wednesday.

“People have been dreaming about immersive high-end VR for decades, and we’re thrilled to share Rift with you this March.” – Oculus

Regarding the price, Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey has defended it:

“It is expensive,” he conceded, “but for the $599 you spend, you get a lot more than spending $599 on pretty much any other consumer electronics devices.”

Oculus has also teamed up with Dell to offer that bundle for $1,599 which includes the Alienware X51 and the Oculus Rift, also with the required software. Dell will also be offering the headset as an add on at a discounted price of $399.