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The next iPhone might have a OLED display as Samsung Display might have a deal with Apple to supply OLED displays for the iPhones in 2018, so multiple reports say. Samsung is reportedly investing around $7.47 to manufacture new OLED displays. The display division of Samsung is said to be ramping up production of OLED displays by 30,000 to 45,000 panels per month for the rest of this year.

Despite the legal battles, Samsung is said to be the primary supplier for OLED displays for Apple, the only device made by Apple that uses OLED technology is the Apple Watch, but last year KGI said that Apple wont be using the screen tech in any iPhones for a number of years, maybe not for a number of years, until 2018. OLED screens have significant advantages over LCD, notably deeper blacks and vivid colours as well as being better for battery life, this is one of the main reasons that the Apple Watch UI is darker and a OLED screen is used.