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Back in November of last year Sky announced it’s new plans to revive its range of set top boxes, routers and more importantly the remote control for the Sky box. Last autumn, Sky revealed three new set top boxes the Sky Q, Sky Q Silver and Sky Q Mini as well as the Sky Q Hub which is a broadband router for the company’s internet services. Earlier today, Sky finally revealed how much all this is going to cost customers, with the top of the range Sky Q Silver starting at £54 a month, the box is also 4K ready.

The gear

The Sky Q Mini is intended for enabling multi-room viewing, for say in the bedroom where would watch less TV, that can be added to the package for a one time fee of £99. The regular Sky Q box which is the model that a lot of customers will be opting for starts at £42 per month but doesn’t have 4K output, which I don’t think will bother many people and has a smaller hard drive. As mentioned above the Sky Q silver has a larger hard drive and 4K output.

Sky Broadband also comes with a Sky Q Hub router, which actually looks good compared to Sky Hubs of before. This also has some extra features, it enables all the Sky Q boxes in the house to connect with powerline and extend the WiFi around the house.

Sky Q Hub
Sky Q Hub

The prices

Both the Sky Q and Sky Q Silver give access to over 300 channels, but if you do want Sky Movies or Sky Sports these are and extra £17 for movies and £25.50 for sports per month. If you opt for both movies and sports with a Sky Q silver box you’ll be shelling out a staggering £88.50 per month, over 18 months thats £1,593. That isn’t the end of the charges either, on top of that the set up charges are also packed on that, the standard Sky Q bundle has a set up fee of £50 for existing customers or £249 with no extras. More prices can be found here.