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Despite the fracas last year with Clarkson and one of the producers, the motoring trio are are gearing up for their new car  show with Amazon Prime Video, which was announced back in July last year. So far the name for the show is yet to be revealed but it’s expected to be launching at the end of this year, roughly a year after filming started back in October.

Top Gear on the BBC with Clarkson, Hammond and May ended last year in March after its run since 2002. Following the issue with the British broadcaster the trio stroke a deal to make an original show with Amazon Prime, the show will still have Andy Wilman who has produced the show since the beginning, making sure that the filming quality is as superb as it ever is, with that cinematic fee. The format is expecting to change somewhat as elements such as ‘The Stig’, “The Cool Wall” and the “Reasonably Priced Car” are all names and trademarks owned by the BBC, but this does give the boys a fresh start. We also have some more information on how the episodes will be launched and that it the whole series will be filmed in 4K. Also, like traditional television the episodes will be released one a week. Amazon has signed up for three series, each with 12 episodes.