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The battle against Flash is still going strong….no seriously the entire web, well most of it is finally giving up on the ageing and insecure Adobe Flash. The actual start of this move from Flash started back in 2007 when Apple unveiled the very first iPhone and at that time the web heavily relied on the software for basically everything, from inline videos, animations, adverts, online games and a whole load of stuff but Steve Jobs was adamant that the iPhone wouldn’t have it, so it didn’t and that pattern as followed with the iPad and naturally a lot of people complained, but now the web is leaving it behind, even Adobe has moved on as the Flash development suite has been renamed Adobe Animation CC.

The latest move comes from the biggest player on the internet, Google. Just this week the company announced that starting June 30th this year the AdWords and DoubleClick networks will be phasing out all use of Flash and then in July, it won’t be possible to upload any adverts with Flash. Along with Apple, a number of companies have moved away from Flash, just recently Firefox is blocking ads that use the plugin.