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Windows Phone sales aren’t great right now, but it isn’t really a big secret but in general the entire smartphone industry hasn’t grown that much in the past few months. The smartphone market has only grew in size by 9.7% in Q4 2015 and this is the lowest it has ever been since 2008 right when smartphones were becoming mainstream. The main sales figures for the Windows Phone have also been released by Gartner and in the last quarter in 2015 Microsoft shifted around 4.4 million units, which compared to the same quarter in 2014 Windows Phone made up just 2.8% of the entire market and actually shifted 10 million phones. But now Windows Phone only makes up 1.1% of the market.

Microsoft is certainly pushing Windows Phone as a good companion to your Windows 10 computer with Edge browser syncing as well as the suburb Cortana which keeps track of your meetings and schedules and also the traffic and reminds you about certain things using this information. We published an article on Windows Phone last year about why it would be a good platform to switch to, but there isn’t any incentive.

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