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Over the past few months, the adoption rate of quite a few operating systems including iOS 9 and Windows 10 have been gaining traction extremely quickly, just in November Microsoft had 132 million users and earlier this year it hit 200 million. On the flip side iOS 9 has been gaining popularity and adding new users to the updated version, but since the last time it was checked two weeks the stats have hardly changed at a total of 77% of devices are running iOS 9 with the previous release, iOS 8 still at 17%.

Apple openly publishes these numbers on the dashboard for developers, which collects data based on devices accessing the App Store. Android install base numbers were last released on February 1st and the latest release, Android Marshmallow is now running on 1.2% of all devices with Lollipop on 17% of devices with the majority running KitKat which was released back in 2014.