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Audi’s brand new Q7 super sized SUV has already been out for a few months and the replacement is as huge as the original and personally, one of Audi’s most impressive vehicles ever made. But for the first time ever the company is making an electric come hybrid variant of the Q7 and Audi have confirmed that it will be on sale in the UK this May. Audi have done this before with the smaller A3 Sportback which has a standard engine coupled with an electric motor. The Q7 e-tron has a bigger 3.0 litre V6 engine, which when added with the electric motor produces 368bhp, but even with that much power is still manages to do 160mpg.

The Q7 e-tron is also exactly the same as any other of the models with five seats, leather interior and CarPlay. The e-tron will be able to travel up to 34 miles on one electric charge and then it will use the V6, but charging it only takes five hours. Being electric, Audi have added in some specific features namely one is Predictive Efficient Assistant which uses data from the satellite navigation, Traffic Sign Recognition and the cruise control to advise on sections in driving where it would make more sense to reduce speeds, said to save 10% of energy and fuel.

So far, Audi have only confirmed that the Q7 e-tron will be coming to the UK and no prices have yet been released but we can expect it to cost around £65,000 and be available later in May.

Images: Audi UK